Important Verification (please read complete page)

The EZ Up Classic Super Slammer Center Stand is for 2008 & Earlier Harley Touring Model motorcycles equipped with both front and rear height adjustable (air) shocks.

Before purchasing, verify your motorcycle will drop lower than 3-3/8” measured at the cross member center line per the pictures below.   This measurement must be taken while motorcycle is in the vertical position.

The EZ Up Classic Super Slammer Center Stand is for parking a motorcycle with height adjustable (air) shocks in the upright position. The center stand will not work with conventional shocks.

DO NOT operate the motorcycle in the lowered position. Care must be taken when cornering, riding over speed bumps, or other obstruction in the road.  The center stand will reduce the ground clearance.

Please watch the Classic Super Slammer Stand Usage video.  Click HERE.

Riding the motorcycle with the suspension in any condition other than completely extended increases the risk of damage to the center stand. Damage to the center stand will void all warranties.