The Wheeldock Indian Motorcycle wheel chock is the only wheel chock on the market specifically designed for the new Indian Motorcycles.

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The Wheeldock Indian Motorcycle wheel chock is safe for the new Indian Motorcycle fender and wheel combinations.

Wheeldock is the only wheel chock specifically designed to fit the Indian Motorcycles. 

Our designed fit and all welded construction insure you have the most secure and easy to use wheel chock available.

It’s the only locking wheel chock that allows for a safe and easy (flat) entry and exit of the wheel chock, provided by the Wheeldock patented retainment system.

The Wheeldock wheel chock is made in the USA.

Don’t put your investment at risk using cheap, imported, one size fit nothing, glorified tinker toy wheel chocks.  The Wheeldock wheel chock comes fully assembled, all welded, ready to use with a lifetime guaranty.