Read some of the testimonials people are giving about their WheelDock: 

I want to praise your product.  I have 3 wheel dock wheel chocks and now 4 Transport bars.  I recently added an additional transport bar to my toy hauler for the trip to Sturgis with 2 bikes.  I've hauled my bike thousands of miles in existing wheel dock with not one issue since 2014.  Have transport bar bolted to frame and Wheel Dock bolted thru floor.  About time American companies get well deserved recognition. I wouldn't trust my bike to any other wheel chock.  Easy to get in and easy to get out of wheel chock.
Thank you,

I want to let you know how satisfied I am with the center stand that I ordered. I originally had a Harley brand installed and it was awkward to use and I hurt my back one time trying to put it on the center stand. After a year or so, it failed to raise all the way and it never seemed to fit correctly like it should have, the legs contacted the exhaust. I don’t know what happened but I realized the center stand was not functioning correctly recently and during a service, the technician told me it was broken. I had it removed. I ordered the EZ Up as a replacement and this is how it should have been from the start. The installation was super easy and I know I’m going to be enjoying its use for a long time. Keep up the good work, a product that really works at a reasonable price. Shipping and packaging was excellent. I will recommend this product to anyone I come in contact with. It really adds versatility when parking, fueling, and displaying.



I just returned from my first 1500 mile round trip with my new WheelDock holding my new Indian Roadmaster. It worked absolutely perfectly! I am very happy with it and look forward to years of knowing my baby is safe and sound. Thank you for making such a great product.



I would like to say you have a great product.  1st saw it at Daytona and I compared it to what was called the Biker Bar.  So I bought the wheel dock and never looked back absolutely the best wheel chock on the market and can't go wrong with the warranty


I have 3 of your outstanding wheel chocks. I have 1 permanent mounted in my toy hauler and 2 that can be removed in my enclosed trailer.  I've hauled my bike all over the country for my work and have never had an issue or failure.   Where I Go my Harley goes.  I won't use anything else . Great product and tough as nails .


Just received my Wheeldock Chock today that I ordered on 6 March & received on 8 March, talking about fast delivery.  I just want to say thank you and comment on this great product, I wished I had found this Wheeldock Chock earlier.  This Wheeldock Chock is now one of the most important accessories for my motorcycle.  Again, Thank-You.


I purchased the center stand for my 2016 Road Glide Ultra CVO and could not be happier with the purchase. The stand is well made, perfect fit and easy to install. Thank you for making an AMERICAN made product! Will not hesitate to purchase products from your company in the future. I will be putting out the word to anyone who needs one of your products! 

What a wonderful product for my Magnum x1.  I am so glad I had found your website.  I was just about ready to buy a Titan wheel chock and so glad I did not.  Works great on my garage floor. My dealer sells the Condor chock, no comparison. The ease of pushing it into the chock and done is so superior. A friend of mine has the brand x chock and it takes two people to get it in and out of chock.  Thank you again


Just wanted y'all to know that the EZ-Up on my 2008 Street Glide is still working as advertised. Put it on in mid-2009 and have put over 60,000 miles on the bike. Chrome still looks new after countless boots, and the paint looks like new.  Thanks for a great American made product.


I order your product after looking at many wheel holders on line. Most were not for just simply driving on and holding the bike right on the garage. I purchased your model for my HD Sportster.  I read the very simple instructions for using straight out of the box for a garage floor. I tapped in the 4 end caps, I didn't need to do anything else. I rode the bike onto the WheelDock, left it in first gear, hit the gas sick peddle. Done ! Locked solid into place. I did some work on the bike changing the Derby cover and tightening the bolts to specs. The WheelDock was so stable just out of the box and placed on the concrete garage floor. Today while putting the leave blower back in the garage, I backed into the bike pretty good by accident. The bike didn't budge. Thank you for the great American Made product (and saving my bike from a tip-over today).


What a terrific product! Exactly what I was look for - a high-quality, rock-solid, easy-to-operate wheel chock. It cradles my Tiger 1050 like a pair of Vice Grips - no straps are needed. I like it so much that I now ride my bike into the Wheeldock whenever I enter my garage - no more sidestand.

Thank you again for making such wonderful product!


Received my WheelDock today and I am thoroughly impressed with the design, materials, and fabrication! Heck I was even impressed with the packaging! Reminds me what Made in America means. Thank you for producing such a quality product.


Just purchased two wheeldocks, one for my 1981 Sturgis and one for my 2015 Ultra. They are excellent pieces of equipment.  I can load and secure both bikes in under three minutes.  Great value for the price, outstanding support, and very responsive shipping.  I am proud to say the trailer and its respective equipment is made in USA.  Thanks for great support and an outstanding product.


I have tried two other center stands for my Harley street glide special and none fit, including one from Harley that was advertised for my bike. I just received one of yours and it fits perfectly and was a breeze to install. Thanks, I love my center stand, makes cleaning the bike a lot easier and airing up rear tire. 5 stars (*****) from me.



I just received the Wheel Dock for my 2014 Indian Chieftain. Thanks for the fast order processing and a great quality American Product! The Wheel Dock holds my Indian firmly without any concern of it falling over.

I'll use it for transporting in my Toy Hauler and for routine garage maintenance ! Thanks again for a quality product !!


For once, truth in advertising. The EZ-Up Motorcycle Center Stand took 15 minutes to install and less time to figure out the best process to back the Roadking up onto the stand. GREAT product and great Customer Service. Thanks folks.


I have owned/used top quality Chocks for years. Only riding lighter sportbikes, and smaller cruisers, they worked fine. But for 2015, it was time for a new Yamaha FJR 1300. Try loading/unloading top heavy sportbikes like this into teeter-totter chocks, what a struggle .... never mind trying this in my trailer!  Enter WheelDock:  outstanding quality, fit & finish ... easy of use .. wish I had this years ago. My fellow Canadians, absolutely worth it.
Brent Calgary, Alberta


Have had two toy haulers; current model is Work & Play 30WRS.  I did NOT want to drill holes in the cargo area floor for any chock.  I tried several types of wheel chocks but all had issues.  My good pal ordered one for his Indian.  Said it worked great.  So I ordered one for my 05 CVO Fat Boy.  It is solid, works easily.  A great piece of design and manufacturing.  The big test came on its first use in my toy hauler.

Even without being "bolted to the floor", the Wheeldock did the job. The bike rolls in, the wheeldock stays put.  The others all would move forward if not bolted down.  My wheeldock did move and inch or two laterally after my rig hit a massive "heat heave" on I-95 in South Carolina.  But, with proper cargo straps and secure hooks, the bike stayed where it was supposed to be. 

Sturgis is next; almost 2,000 miles from Saint Augustine.  I have no worries with Wheeldock.  It's worth every penny.  The others?  Just junk.

The Team


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased that I am with your WheelDock. It is very well constructed and works perfectly, holding my '06 HD Road Glide upright.  I'm very pleased. You make a great product. A friend recommended the WheelDock to me and it was an outstanding recommendation.



Chock works as advertised and anticipated. I looked long and hard for a trailer chock that would hold the bike but not have to deal with the "teeter/totter" wheel lock. I was able to ride the bike up on the trailer, lock it in, and secure it all by myself.


Wheel Dock arrived today through Customs in Canada.  Easy to set up and use.  Looks like excellent material and construction techniques.  My 2015 Chief Vintage rolls in and out as advertised.  Well done!



Wow!!! From opening the box to loading the bike - 3 minutes.  After struggling with a rocker type chock for years, this is a joy to use.



After months of research I decided on the purchase of the wheeldock.  The research paid off.  Well built, easy to use, friendly and quick service.

Thanks for providing an American product.




Blue Knights


Just wanted to comment on your great product. I don't usually write any comments about products I buy, but your product is well made and designed with premium materials. After purchasing my first stand for my Harley and how well it worked when taking the bike out of the stand, I purchased another for my wife's bike. Excellent customer service as well when I called asking for help on which stand to order for my wife's bike. A VERY satisfied customer who will be promoting your product to all my other biker buds.



I have a few friends that have your wheel chock and have been pleased with your product for sometime. I ordered mine last week and it came in on time and was packaged perfect. Your product was flawless and impressive. Someone is responsible for quality control at your manufacturing plant as well as final inspection for quality control, I thank them. I would like to thank you for putting out a quality product with quality people. I'm a business owner myself so I know first hand that quality products only come from quality people.



I ordered the EZ Up after seeing an advert in one of my biker mags.  I watched your videos and ordered it.  I didn't believe it could be that EZ to install.  I spent more time reading the directions than doing the job!  I left the next day on a 3000 mile trip.  Used your center stand almost every time I stopped. it is SUPER, and better, made in the USA! I've had a center stand on another one of my bikes (the B brand) years ago. Yours is better, and half the cost! Thanks!!! 



I just wanted you to know I am so happy I bought your EZ UP center stand, I first saw it at the 110th at Hal's in WI. Since then I have been on the search for a better stand than yours. I looked at the ones you do on and off the bike even the Electric ones, ha ha way out of my price range and no matter what I saw I kept going back to your site, I bought my EZ UP on 8/1 got here today 8/5, like you said it takes about 10 mins to put it on and it was so easy to put on the stand I had to check to make sure it was, very happy, thank you for the Great product and but of course it's made in the USA.

Thank you,

Jeff Rost 


I want to thank you for the quick shipping of my order. I have one of your wheeldock 's now and when I was on the internet and saw that these were still made in the USA i knew this was the place to order from.I read your story of how the company came into being and was excited to know there are still American companies that think as I do. I would put You in the same category as Weather tech out of Illinois I have been in the custom steel fabricating business for the past 30 years and truly know the value to America if we buy USA made products. I just spent 3 month in Australia visiting my son and the TV has ad's everyday reminding people to buy Australian made products and what the value is to the country. I am now retired but still know the value of "Made In America"

Thanks for being YOU
Darrell Crawford


To Whom it may concern;

For some time now I've been looking for a wheel chock that would fit my bike And keep it safe.  Finding Wheeldock was more than an answer to my search!  I just moved from Portland, OR to Jay, VT, over 3000 miles.  The Intruder was in the back of a rental truck the whole way and, although I was more than concerned, it didn't move one inch!  What a great find and having my bike upright in the garage is such a plus.  Thanks for working with me to get the right fit and for providing such a tremendous product.  Feel free to us my comments in any editorials.  I love my wheeldock.... just don't tell my wife... Smiley emoticon

Ron Horton



My name is Christian Easton. I recently purchased a #4 Wheel chock" for my trailer. I was surprised that you had included hardware for a wooden floor. My trailer, which is all steel and folds behind the axle, has a 2 by 2" main spar and a mesh floor with double metal tubing around the perimeter of the floor. I wanted to bolt it to the center of the trailer and this required a lot of creativity to get the base to sit flush with the square main/center spar and the round tubing. I purchased the floor reinforcement plates, but did not like the idea of bolting that much weight to the mesh flooring.

If it sounds like I am complaining, it is only because I expected something different than what I received. If I have a second complaint it is the fact that I did not buy one of these several years ago when I first discovered them. I finished bolting this to the trailer only hours before I was going to pull the bike about 550 miles through some very twisty highways where travel can easlily reach 75 MPH. We headed to the Shennadoah Valley for a week of riding and the Gold Wing never even wobbled on the way there or back. I was also able to walk the bike onto the trailer and off by my self and that is awesome. When I was a little younger I could do anything I set my mind I need to think some things through to be able to do them and I am very happy I decided to purchase your product. I also purchased a set of your tie downs and was glad that I did. Most of all I was glad to see the fact that the mount is made in the USA. THANKS for a great product.

Christian Easton Sr.


Hi guys,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great product Wheeldock is, and thank you for your super support as well. About a month ago I was getting ready for my first trip where I'd be towing my bike. Jeff helped me get the perfect size Wheeldock picked out and answered all my questions about installing and using it. I towed my bike over 2,000 miles roundtrip from San Antonio, Texas to Knoxville, Tennessee and everything worked flawlessly. One time the rear cinch strap came loose while I was driving, but the Wheeldock held everything so securely it really didn't matter. I didn't even notice until I stopped for gas.

Plain and simple, Wheeldock is the best chock out there at any price and works perfectly. Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

Bill Conner


I just purchased a Harley Davidson Road King. 

Before picking it, I converted my old 4x8 utility trailer by adding a Wheelock and aluminum ramp. Installation took about 10 minutes – most of which admiring the dock. I also purchased the short strap for the dock as well as the two very nice side straps. I added two mid trailer tie down points for the straps and arrived at the Harley dealer to pick up my ride.

The dealer insisted that his people had to load the bike onto the trailer. Even though I had purchased a ramp rated for 1500 pounds, the dealer refused to just drive the bike up and onto the ramp. Instead they insisted on having three men walk it up. They pushed it into the dock and the man at the front insisted that it had to be pushed up and over the “hump” which is what you have on other docks.

After chucking to myself, I said – “just step on the lever by your foot”. Eventually, he listened to me and after seeing the dock grab the front wheel said, “oh, that was easy”.

Needless to say, when I arrived home, I unstrapped the bike, and backed it off without any help while seated. The whole procedure took less than a minute.

Off came and dock and into the garage it went. Upon arriving back at my house after riding around the neighborhood, I rode into the dock, tripped the lever and my bike was secure and upright.

Once again, thanks for making such a nice product – and thanks even more for making it here in the USA!

Henry Katz, President
Innovative Business Systems, Inc



I ordered everything on the 18th of July and received everything on the 21st of July. Then installed everything that weekend for a trip to Michigan from KY…………………everything rode perfectly and never moved. You guys have the best damn wheel chock out on the market………….I received all 3 and have installed them (removable) on 2 different trailers (enclosed and open). Those things are better than what you describe on the website. My buddies said I was crazy for paying that much for wheel chocks………………then they saw how easy mine are to use and the quality of the workmanship…………….they are all jealous now and want their own.
It just doesn’t make sense to use $50 wheel chocks on $15,000+ motorcycles, unless you ride something other than a Harley. Insurance companies will pay out when it’s totaled and you can then go put a down payment on a good motorcycle……………LOL. Seriously, I love the WHEEL DOCKS!!!!!!!! They are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Even my wife loves them, she can slip her bike right out and not have to fight it and risk slipping and falling over.
Thanks for making a GREAT PRODUCT, I can’t believe I ever bought any of the cheap made wheel chocks. 
Kevin L. Carman


Just had to drop a note about the WHEELDOCK that I purchased a couple of months back. I really only have one word to say about it, AWESOME!!! It was easy to install and with the quick detach bar, I can move it from my enclosed trailer to my open trailer without hassle. I looked around for a long time to find the “right wheel chock”. I found it with the WHEELDOCK would recommend it to anyone.

Very best regards.
Mark Stuckel



I am pleased with my wheeldock to use both on my Harbor Freight lift, as well as in my 4 wheel drive pickup. The design easily allows me to drive my ST1300 on the lift, touch the release, and get off the bike without concern. I put the safety strap across the front wheel, hoist the bike in the air, and do my maintenance. In fact, I had it on the lift for up to 6 weeks. Great design, well made with a hammered graphite appearance, and very beefy!. The quick release bar that was bolted to my lift allows me to quickly move from lift to truck, for transport use.
I have attached a picture of my attachment to the Harbor Freight lift. I had to cut the attachment bar down by 1” approx., and the ability to move it makes this setup very user friendly. Thx for a great product.

Warren Carlson


Good day,

We just wanted to write you guys and let you know how pleased we are with our new wheeldocks that we purchased. We just recently installed them into our new trailer and we were very impressed with not only the way your product installs but also how well they operate as well. We have two heavy bikes (2010 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe, and a 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide) and even though they are close together (side by side) inside our enclosed cargo trailer, they never move an inch! Again, thank you for making such a great, solid, well built product and also for making it affordable. We would be happy to recommend your products to anyone.

Jason & Nicole Renwick
Alberta, Canada



I want you to know how impressed I was dealing with your company. From the personalize service all the way through the sale and after. Always making yourself available to all my questions and getting back to me faster than expected. I'm very happy with the wheeldocks, a quality well made product. Also purchased tie downs & straps, installation couldn't be easier. Just want to let people know they can rest assure they are buying a great product. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Thanks Again. 
Greg Galano


Hello Rod,

I received the Wheeldock motorcycle chock a few weeks ago and it works like a charm. This was a custom order for my Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 which is a large cruiser and it secures the bike very well. I installed it into an enclosed trailer and I can load and unload the bike easily by myself. The quality is great and I could not be happier. Thanks for your support.

Mike Mazzola



I just want to say "Thank You" for a quality product! I ordered my wheel dock on 3/7/2011 and it was delivered undamaged on 3/9/2011. It is a perfect to my 2007 Road King Classic and is easy to use. Please extend my Thanks to your employees for a "American Made"product.

Joe Heeney


Below is the post I put on CVO Owners Group.

Well I compared both the Condor & Wheeldock side by side. I rolled my bike in and out of each one several times and to me it was an easy choice. I went with the Wheeldock. I really felt it was more secure and definitely easier to get my bike out of. It was also cheaper and included the trailer docking kit.

Thanks, Tom


I recently purchased one of your wheeldock's for my vintage Harley Sportster. I thought you would like to know that this is one fine piece of engineering. I have showed it to all my friends as well as the local HD dealership and all are amazed at it's functionality and quality of it structure.

Thomas Havelaar
Chief of Police
City of Sturgis, South Dakota (Retired)


Hello Wheeldock, just wanted to let you know I received my model #5 Wheeldock, and I'm super happy, I was deciding between three different brands and then I was down to two and then I choose Wheeldock .Not seeing a product in person is tough when you have to choose but after doing a lot of research ,I found Wheeldock to have great reviews. After opening the box and testing Wheeldock ,I was impressed with high quality and how strong the air cylinders are. 

thanks again,  

Vinny C. Long Island, NY





I just got back from Sturgis and I have to say that my new wheeldock is the best piece of equipment I have bought yet. I drove over 1500 miles to get to Sturgis, and had absolutely no problems trailering my bike, thanks to the wheeldock. Great product. Keep up the good work. Everyone would have one if they knew just how good they are.

I recently purchased your WheelDock for my HD 2003 Fatboy. I installed it on my utility trailer using your Quick-Detach Transport Bar. I am totally impressed! I am able to ride right on to the trailer into the WheelDock, activate the WheelDock trip lever with my left foot to lock my bike in, dismount, and then finish strapping my bike to the trailer using your Tie-down Straps that I also purchased. The only adjustment I had to make was the front safety strap. I was going to purchase your strap, but HD Fatboys have solid front wheels so a strap can't fit through any spokes. I have found a different place on the front suspension to attach a strap on both sides of my bike and it works fine. I also use a vinyl-coated steel cable and padlock to secure my bike to one of the two welded loops on the cross bar of the WheelDock. Thanks for producing such an innovative and quality product!

Jim Meyers - Machipongo, Virginia


"I just wanted to tell you what a great product you produce. I purchased a Dock 5 to install in my HD trailer so I could load and unload without any assistance. I phoned your office and the customer service was outstanding. I bought just one unit to see if it would perform like advertised and it did. I immediately ordered a second one for our other bike. They were easy to install and the bikes loaded very effortlessly. The first time we used them I didn’t tie the back of one bikes down properly and the tie-down came loose. The Wheel Dock held and never allowed the bikes to touch each other even though they were only inches apart. The Wheel Dock paid for themselves by not allowing either bikes to rub against each other and causing damage. Thanks Again. Made in America does mean quality.



I just wanted to let you know that when I finally had to quit riding the Beast (540ci 1005hp) and load it in the Warpony Customs trailer that you mounted my new Wheeldock into, it was the easiest load I have ever experienced with my 1500lb monster. Normally I have at least three folks around when loading up and tying down. Now it only takes two and the only reason for the second is to watch my very limited ground clearance. She went right in and with the push of a lever, I was able to hop off and tie her down as prescribed. Even when the rookie I had with me went around and dropped the front of the trailer with the hydraulic jack, I almost fell on my butt, but the Beast didn't even wiggle. I am looking forward to the arrival of the additional components that I ordered and thank you again for your expertise and professionalism during the entire transaction and installation. I just became one of your best salesmen. Five Stars Bro's. Good job!

CW4 Robert D. Eagle Carnahan 


"Rod & Company

I just had to write to provide my comments on how happy I am with the purchase of a wheeldock. I installed it in my trailer in about 15 minutes and successfully picked up my new bike on Saturday. I can't say enough about how well made and how easy it was to load the bike and tie it down. Two straps, no compression and it rode over 200 miles and never moved. The wheeldock is even better made in person than it looked in the pictures.

However, the real reason I am writing is to let you know how pleased I am with your customer support. When I received the wheeldock, somehow UPS managed to break the piston end connection on the unit inside the box. This was on Wednesday and as I mentioned, I needed to pick up my bike on Saturday. I called and visited with Daniel, explained my problem and was problem, we'll ship you a replacement piston 2nd day and you'll have it on Friday. It arrived, I popped it on and as they say the rest is history. Now that's customer support..thank you. Please feel free to use me as a reference, good companies with good products need to be recognized

Brad Hawkins

Ivars Kalnins 
Lancaster, WI 

"Great design and ease of use! Just what I have been searching for and finally found!" 

J. Henderson 
Cookson, OK 

"I am very well pleased with the Wheeldock- it works perfect." 

Todd Cole

"I just received my second WheelDock HogDock 5 unit for Christmas after getting my first in November for my birthday. Quite a surprise from my partner! We couldn't be happier with these devices. I was bragging at our local Harley dealer yesterday and showed them your advertisement in Hot Bike. We've been showing it off to our biker buds for days. Even at a New Years Eve party i was giving out your website and telling folks to take a look.

Last weekend we mounted the Transport Bar in our Toyhauler trailer and are looking forward to our first trip out with the new docks. We took the time to measure several times and mounting the bars was simple and straight forward.

Thanks for making a product that does exactly what it promises." 
Todd Cole 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

R. Post 
Ponca City, OK 

"Everyone that sees Wheeldock wants one. Besides transporting my bike, it makes a great stand for cleaning and changing oil! Great Product!" 

J. Kenney 
San Antonio, TX 

"I like it and am glad I purchases it. It was difficult to load the bike before, but now I do it alone. I saw less expensive ones at Wing Ding, but am very happy I purchased Wheeldocl. Several other riders who have different types have indicated that Wheeldock is superior to what they have!" 

R. Freel 
Duncan, OK 

"I am very pleased with the Wheeldock I purchased from you. It is the most useful and helpful item I have purchased for my motorcycle, because I can use it in my shop or in my trailer!" 

George H Taylor

First of all, congratulations on manufacturing the finest after-market product for motorcycles on the market today, bar none. This opinion is from a hard core biker with over 55 years of experience in riding, racing, and making a living wrenching on practically every make of bike sold in the USA over those 55 years. Believe me, I have been spreading the word about WheelDock to everyone I know that is in any way involved with motorcycles. 

What I would like to know if it is possible to purchase 4ea. of the allen head chrome mounting bolts and 4ea. t-nuts to match those supplied with the WheelDock and the accessory mounting rail. I need them to mount a length of channel iron rail to the floor of my trailer that will run from the back edge of the WheelDock to the back of the trailer floor. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter, 

George H. Taylor 
AKA "Speedo"

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Rick Churchill

Hi Rod,
I am way overdue in telling how wonderfully the Wheeldocks worked on our trip in June to Yellowstone National Park from Fayetteville, AR. See your email below to refresh your memory on who I am :)

After I got the requirements right and got the right Wheeldocks I installed them in a cargo trailer. I had bought the quick release units but after installing them and looking closer at your standard hardware I direct mount the units to the trailer floor. I also bought some of those rails that truckers use to secure loads. These I mounted on the floor. That way I could fiddle with the rear retention straps and not be locked in with a guess on floor ring placements. 

Needless to say the bikes made the trip with no damage. On the trip out the wind howled from Cheyenne to Yellowstone. The trailer swayed violently once when in the mountains when I went too fast... the bikes were fine. The rest of that trip the trailer gently swayed constantly... again the bikes were fine. The last 12 miles into Yellowstone was over gravel road. Lots of ruts and bumps... again the bikes were fine. On the return trip ...gravel road out of the park... near tornado winds in Nebraska... bikes arrived home in excellent shape! 

I am happy to highly recommend your product to bikers. If you want I can take pictures.

Thanks for making an extremely functional product.

Rick Churchill

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Peter Danis

Dear Rod,
Purchased a sport dock #3 to trailer my BMW K1200RS on a 2300 mile round trip to NC to ride the tail of the dragon, rt 129. You build a real quality product, fit and finish is great. I installed the sport dock on my trailer in no time flat, rode my bike into the dock, hit the pedal and got off the bike, held the bike up on each occasion. My bike is not a trailer queen, however when you have to transport a motorcycle I highly recommend your product. 

Peter Danis

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Tony Flecca Waltham

I purchase a Wingdock #4 last week. I just cannot believe it. It is perfect. The design and style fits my bike perfectly. This is a fine product. I recommend it for anyone that enjoys there bike sitting upright when idol. Thanks for the workmanship.

Tony Flecca Waltham, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Mike Comeaux

I purchased the Wing dock for my 2005 GL1800 only after buying another docking device that did not
work as described. I highly recommend the wing dock.

Mike Comeaux

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Dan O'Neal

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your Wheel Docks.
While I would rather ride my bike than trailer it there are times when I have to trailer. I own the Hog Dock 4 for my Ultra Classic and my brother in law has the Gold Wing Dock.

Loading and unloading the bikes couldn't be easier. The bikes ride so much better than strapping down the front ends and having to replace the fork seals when you get back home.

Another bonus is that you can use them to stand the bikes straight up in the garage to gain space.

Great Job and a Great Product. I only wish I would have invented the product myself. 

Safe Travels,

Dan O'Neal
Amarillo, Texas

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Harold Blocker

I just wanted to tell you how well your wheeldock works with a Boss Hoss. I transported my bike over 1500 miles and the bike never moved. My bike weighs 1240 lbs. If it holds that, it will hold anything! We found that the 5B model (5 7/8") worked best due to the 3.50" wide front rim with MT90/16 tire.

Harold Blocker

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Jerry Nicely

I just returned from a 1200 mile trip using my Wheeldock I purchased from
your company in Jan. This is the first time since I have had my trailer
that I was able to load and unload the bike by myself without having to
worry about it falling over while attaching the tiedowns. Also while
traveling down the FL turnpike I got into a construction zone where the road
was extremely rough. At one point the compression of the bike by the rough
road caused both of my tiedowns to come loose from the attachment point.
Unfortunately there was nowhere to pull over since the shoulder was under
construction. I had to travel approximately 5 miles until I could safely
pull over and re-attach the tiedowns. Fortunately for me, my purchase of
the Wheeldock was completely justified since the bike stayed upright and
firmly locked into place by the Wheeldock. Thanks for a superior product
that really works. Jerry Nicely, Chattanooga, TN

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Jerry Nicely

Rod, received my wheeldock last week and am thoroughly enjoying it. It 
certainly is a well-made piece. As you can see from the attached picture, I 
also am using it to replace the front wheel clamp on my lift. Now I can 
just ride the bike onto the lift and into the wheeldock and not worry about 
tie downs or having the hold the bike up while adjusting the wheel clamp 
that I used to have to fool with. I have told all my buddies about your 
product so hopefully some others will buy one too. Thanks for a great 

Jerry Nicely 
Chattanooga, TN

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars![5 of 5 Stars!]

Andrew Holt

It's been some time since I ordered three WHEELDOCK SPORTDOCK3 stands. The gentleman I ordered from asked for feedback on how they worked for me in my trailer. He was also kind enough to give me Quick-Detach Transportation Bars for all three. All I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Tried my fair share of the less expensive ones, and actually had on bike tip because of the front wheel wobble effect that can result from a cheap chock. After that, I contacted WHEELDOCK, had the three sent to me, and now my bikes travel completely secure. The nicest feature, in my opinion, is you can fasten your front wheel to the WHEELDOCK itself. The front wheel is wobble free anyway, thanks to the gas cylinder and tight tolerances on the stand. I can worry about the drivers on the road in front of me (and behind of course!) and not about bikes in my trailer behind me. Once installed, WHEELDOCKS, with the Quick-Detach Transport Ba r, make loading and unloading a quick, simple, easy process. I can virtually remove anything to trip me up, or run over with any of my bikes. Then I can focus on the real fun, riding! Sorry, I wish I can remember who I spoke with personally, a super nice guy, and true business professional. If you can find out who he was, please tell him Thank You. If you should use this testimonial for advertising, those looking at the cheap chocks, you pay for what you get! Especially with sport bikes, a few dollars saved on cheap chocks can cost you later in body parts, and the effects of compressed forks.(Another nice feature I almost forgot!) WHEELDOCKS allow you to travel with peace of mind, and allows to fun to begin on arrival, WHEELDOCKS are worth every penny, and then some. 

Thanks Again, 

Andrew Holt

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Weeki Wachee

My Wheeldock arrived yesterday. I was impressed with the quality and the fact that it came fully assembled and ready to use. I thought I would have to send hours putting it together. My bike is already resting peacefully in it\'s new cradle. Thanks for a great product. 
Don Richter 
Weeki Wachee, FL

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Richard Torpey






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Patrick Denis

Dear Wheeldock,

I am sending you this e-mail to praise your product which surpassed my expectations. I was trying to design something to keep my bike upright, a Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic, not a light weight.
When I tried your product it worked immediately, so I am one very satisfy customer. Also I want to comment on your professional way you kept me constantly informed of my order status.
A very satisfied Customer

Patrick Denis

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I just got my credit notification and wanted to thank you for a smooth/effortless transaction!!! I wish everyone I did business with was this easy. I'm just as pleased with the replacement as I was with the original... what a GREAT product.

Thanks again.

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Jay Fishman

I've had mine for about 6 months and love it. I was concerned if it could handle the larger bikes and quickly found it handles my VTX1800 just fine. It's a great space saver in the garage and really helps when cleaning the bike or changing the oil. I'm purchasing a flat bed trailer and will get the quick disconnect transport bar and hold downs and straps next. The Wheeldock is bound to make loading and unloading a big bike much easier. Thanks Wheeldock.

Jay Fishman

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