Plywood Mounting Kits



Plywood Mounting Kit

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- This kit allows the Wheeldock Wheel Chock to be mounted to a 3/4” thick piece of plywood and secured in your truck bed or trailer.  All without drilling holes in the bed or deck.  When not transporting your motorcycle, slide the plywood / wheel chock assembly out and free stand your motorcycle in your garage, shop, or campsite.

- This is a great option for use with a Toy Hauler Trailer, since most Toy Haulers don’t allow for drilling additional hardware into the deck.  When you arrive at your destination, use the kit to safely store your motorcycle no matter what the condition (grass, mud, gravel, etc…).

- All kits come with complete written instructions and plenty of pictures to reference.  The instructions even include a detailed drawing of the plywood needed.  So if you don’t know what to ask for at the lumber yard, just hand them the drawing.

We’ve also created an installation video to further help the process.

Click HERE for the video.

Plywood Kit P - is designed for full sized pickups with 5.5 and 6.5 foot beds (most short bed, short bed extended cab, and short bed crew cab trucks).  The ratchet straps supplied with this kit are designed to secure the wheel chock without excessive strap material flopping around, allowing for a clean and safe install.

Plywood Kit T - is the same as Kit P but without the ratchet straps.  This kit is intended for long bed trucks, trailers, and other applications where longer straps are required.

Kits include:
(6) T Nuts
(6) 1/2-13 x 3/4 Button Head Bolts
(1) 5/16 Hex Key
(1) 1/2-13 x 1 Hex Head Bolt
(4) Tie Down Loops
(4) Custom Ratchet Straps (Plywood Kit P Only)

- T Nuts mount flush to the bottom allowing the plywood deck to set flat.

- Tie Down Loops are intended to work with plywood without pulling or stripping out.  They’re also designed to keep the plywood deck from lifting when the assembly is not waited down.

- Button Head Bolts are short enough to work with 3/4” plywood and provide for a low profile when the Tie Down Loops are not in use.  They also work with the same 5/16” Hex Key supplied in the Wheel Chock Standard Mounting Package.

- Custom Ratchet Straps work without excessive strap material hanging off the buckle.  Creates a clean installation and eliminates blowing around and touching painted surfaces.

Truck Bed Rail Anchors (Tie Downs)

Many of the newer model trucks have integrated / adjustable bed rail anchor points.  If anchors are needed, there are several options available online or at your local truck accessories dealer.  The anchors in our installation instructions and pictures are Bully brand part number WTD 823.