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Get the most out of your stock Harley shocks with the EZ Air Suspension Monitoring System.  The EZ Air system allows the user to check the suspension pressure with just the push of a button and make adjustments without removing any covers or bags.

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Through customer feedback, we discovered the following

  • Most riders prefer to maintain their rear suspension pressure between 30 and 50 PSI. 
  • At these pressure, the stock Harley system leaks at an increasing rate.  So there is a need to monitor the suspension pressure more closely.
  • Repeatable pressure settings are difficult to achieve because it’s difficult to remove the air pump from the original Harley system without losing an undetermined amount of air.
  • It’s frustrating and inconvenient to use the original Harley system where either the saddlebag or the side cover must be removed for access to the fill valve.

Necessity is the mother of invention – The EZ Air Suspension Management System

  • Provides an additional air fill valve in a convenient location.   No more removing bags and covers to fill the shocks.
  • Check the pressure in the system with the push of a button.  No more connecting the Harley pump just to check the pressure.
  • Repeatable pressure settings.  No more guessing how much pressure you lose when removing the pump.  Slightly overfill the system and use the fill valve and gauge to bleed down to the perfect pressure.

EZ Installation

  • No special tools or skills required.
  • No permanent modification to the original Harley system.
  • All air connections are push to connect.  No tools needed.
  • Detailed instructions and video support.

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